Y‘know, this might be my last PB post. At the moment I’m undecided. I’ve officially left Paris, and so should really stop with the whole French titles thing, but also it’s nice to round up on what made me happy… View Post

Just like my Nice post, this little Amsterdam post is going to be pretty short and sweet. As with my trip to Nice, I kinda just forgot to take photos. It wasn’t that Amsterdam wasn’t beautiful, and that the streets… View Post

Well, I guess this is it. The end. The final instalment. Fin. I’m having trouble typing this. I’m having trouble thinking of anything to say, because obviously I haven’t even left Paris yet, and obviously I’m writing this a few… View Post

How cute are my two baes up there? Like oh my goodness me. I can’t even tell you how much I’m going to miss them when I leave. Way too much love for them. Way too much. I mean, for… View Post

My beloved Better Than Sex mascara has reached its golden years and while I try to eek it out, lash by lash, I’m pretty sure it’s going to die pretty soon. I could cry. Still, that gives me an excuse… View Post

So sitting next to M&S at Cluny is a shop that I’ve walked past time and time again, always thinking ‘hmm I should probably go in there at some point.’ That shop is Peggy Sage. Now I’ll be honest, I… View Post