The 5 Things I’m Going To Do When I Go Back To Paris

28th August 2016
The 5 Things I'm Going To Do When I Go Back To Paris

I‘m really getting into these longer post titles. The more chatty types. Much better than ‘5 Things To Do In Paris’ because who can actually write a list like that. Here’s the capital of France but only five things – you have to make up the rest yourself. Trust me, I’m a Paris expert. I’m not into those kind of posts, and I’ve definitely mentioned why before. I don’t know. I’m not going to dwell on it. Maybe my blog…

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Food & Home

The Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda

24th August 2016
The Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda

Something caught my eye as I wandered through the hallowed halls of John Lewis, Sloane Square, the other day. Something beautiful. Something that I couldn’t take to the till fast enough, money in hand. That’s right. It was the absolutely massive Kate Spade 2017 Mega Agenda.¬†Ollie was all like ‘Imii, are you sure? Do you really need another planner? Really?’ but what does he know. I needed it. My life has changed because of it. First up, the planner is…

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Paris Thought

Living In Paris Was Really Bloody Hard

19th August 2016
Living In Paris Was Really Bloody Hard

This is something that has been in the back of my mind for ages now. Literally months – maybe even coming up to a year! Yes I lived in Paris for 10 months, and no I did not have the time of my life. Except I did. I had the best year of my life. However, not for the reasons you’d expect from living the Parisian dream for a year. I had the time of my life because I met…

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I’ve Been Shortlisted!

18th August 2016
I've Been Shortlisted!

Guys, something amazing has happened. Something really damn cool. Something I had 99% written off as never really happening to me. I’ve been shortlisted for a Bloggers Blog Award. Or rather, my instagram has. That photo up there. Those photos over on the right, there. The few photos down along the bottom of this page. They’ve all been deemed worthy enough to put me on a list with four bloggers who probably deserve it far more than I do. Can…

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I Don’t Drink, Except When I Do

16th August 2016
I Don't Drink, Except When I Do.

Something tells me I need to take better care of my nails. Or at least keep them looking moderately presentable. You never know when you might be pestering your worse half to take ‘look at me being fancy’ photos of you, holding ‘look at me being fancy’ drinks. I’m a disaster (I’m not). I’ve also decided that I subconsciously bite my lip way too much, not even in a sexy way, and so have created a permanent dent in my…

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