Late Night Musings

Late Night Musings

Late Night Musings

It has just turned 2am and here I am, Sports Direct mug in hand, writing a spontaneous blog post in bed. My electric blanket is heating up nicely, my cheeks are still freezing cold from my walk home, and I’m feeling pretty comfortable. Earlier I worked a seven hour shift, applied for four grad jobs, sorted out some uni stuff, and braved the 1am cold to walk home. Friday night/Saturday morning – consider yourself smashed!

I even braved taking photos in actual darkness for this post. I just feel like writing.

I’m rewatching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend from the middle of Season 2 (don’t ask), and when this episode has finished I’m going to throw on a podcast, brush my teeth, wash my face and get to sleep.

For now, though, I’m going to just talk about stuff.

As I mentioned, I applied for a few jobs this evening. It’s nice that I’ve finally settled on what I want to do when I finish my MA, and it’s nice that it’s something I enjoy doing. Applying for jobs is a nightmare, though. Selling myself isn’t one of my best skills. I wouldn’t endorse myself for it on LinkedIn.Ā 

On the other hand, applying for jobs is quite exciting. Obviously I’m super realistic and know that 99% of my applications won’t even get a look in, but it’s exciting none-the-less. Part of me wishes I’d done the whole job thing instead of the MA thing, but most of me is happy to have had some time post-Paris to get my head into gear and ready for the world again.

It’s coming up to 3am now – those photos really took a while to get ‘right’.

I have a post coming up on here soon about whether or not I’m happy. I’m really nervous about it because it focuses mainly on my physical health and I don’t want to have said anything about myself that might upset anyone else. It’s a really great post, and the photos are wonderful, but I’m worried about backlash. I shouldn’t be worried – I read over it again and again and it reads fine. There’s no reason to expect anything. Still, really personal posts can be daunting to share, can’t they?

Man, I’m so tired. I was all happy writing a few minutes ago but now I can feel myself crashing. Lie in tomorrow, I think!

I’m really excited about where n&b is going at the moment. I love how my photography is shaping up, and the vibe I’m trying to give off, and the brand I’m working to create. I feel really inspired and happy, and have some great posts in the pipeline for you. I’m also doing pretty well with sponsored content at the moment so that’s a nice little bonus.

Time for bed, I think. I should have probably gone to bed the moment I got in at 1.30, to be honest.

Night team. x

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  • Good luck with the jobs that you have applied for! I have been loving your content on the n&b website recently šŸ™‚ xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  • Sometimes late night posts are the best- so honest! Good luck with the job hunt babe

    Ellie xx

  • Good luck with the job applications! I think spontaneous posts like these are always fun as they’re much more raw and less planned. It hasn’t cooled down enough in California but when it does I always bring out my electric blanket – it’s so nice getting into a toasty warm bed!

    And I’m sure your upcoming post will be just fine – you are in control of your content and you have to be proud of the work you put out šŸ™‚ Don’t be nervous!

    Cindy |

  • I loved this little chatty late night post! I adore your blog and kick myself for not finding it sooner.. Your photography is wonderful and massive luck for all of those jobs you’ve applied for šŸ™‚ xo

    Char |

  • Good luck with the job applications! It’s great that you’re getting a head-start on applying for jobs now, rather than waiting till towards the end of your MA. I love your blog, always have done, but I’m really enjoying the direction it’s going in now, too! x x